High-efficiency intelligent in-wheel motor drive system landed in Baoya

  On January 20, 2021, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Shandong Baoya & Yantai University was held at the Baoya Group headquarters. The two parties conducted all-round cooperation centering around the new energy vehicle industry talents, mutual recruitment of experts, technology industrialization, so as to lay a foundation for building a high-tech and intelligent Baoya facing the future.

  The core of this strategic cooperation is the application of the high-efficiency intelligent in-wheel motor drive system in Baoya's new-generation models. At present, the international and domestic in-wheel motor products cannot fully adapt to the chassis structure of passenger cars and meet the braking requirements of the vehicle, and the application in the existing chassis structure vehicles faces many difficulties. At the "2020 World New Energy Vehicle Conference" held in Hainan on September 28, 2020, the in-wheel motor technology submitted by Yantai University was reviewed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the New Energy Automobile Association, and the Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association, and finally stood out from more than 100 pioneering technologies around the world, winning the honor of "Global New Energy Vehicle Frontier and Innovative Technology" alongside the forward-looking technologies submitted by Huawei, Tencent, CATL, BYD and other top companies, which helped Baoya obtain the unanimous recognition of domestic and foreign experts, fully demonstrating that this technology has profound foundation and bright prospects in the field of new energy vehicle leading technology.

  After the signing ceremony, technical experts from both sides had an in-depth dialogue on the forward-looking technical development, industrialization process, and integrated application prospects of new energy vehicles of the high-efficiency intelligent in-wheel motor drive system.

  Wang Xiangyin, President of Baoya, introduced that the core driving force for the future development of Baoya is the comprehensive layout of cutting-edge technologies. This project cooperation matches Baoya's high-efficiency silicon carbide control system on the basis of Yantai University's in-wheel motor. This original in-wheel motor with axial magnetic field technology will bring revolutionary changes to the development of new energy vehicles in many aspects, such as improving energy conversion efficiency, increasing vehicle driving mileage, helping to achieve intelligence, and improving vehicle power performance.

  Bi Zhaohui, director of the local service office of Yantai University, emphasized that the strategic cooperation between Yantai University and Baoya originated from Shandong, also makes contribution to the development of  Shandong. Dr. Wang Qiguang, the main inventor of the in-wheel motor, introduced that the fan-shaped module axial magnetic field in-wheel motor developed by Yantai University has changed the design idea of the traditional motor, hoping to join hands with Baoya in the future to promote the industry of fan-shaped module axial magnetic field hub motor to the world.

  Since Baoya integrated FAW Jilin in 2019, it has been concentrating on the betterment of core technologies and high-quality products. This strategic signing between the two parties represents Baoya's first move in the new year for the implementation of strategy of building Baoya in to a high-tech and intelligent company facing the future. At present, it seems to be going steadily and solidly. It is expected that Baoya can find a new way in the field of new energy vehicle core technology and can find a unique development path in the future new energy industry.