Baoya winter vehicles officially departs

  On January 6, 2022, Shandong Baoya New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. held the first round of extreme cold departure ceremony. Director Zhang Jiannong, President Wang Xiangyin, and Director of the Automotive Research Institute Luo Jun attended the event.

  In low temperature environments and on icy and snowy roads, the adaptability and handling of the car face grave challenges. The harsh environment road test aims to understand the limits of the vehicle and continuously optimize the performance of the vehicle to meet the needs of users in different regions. It is a test of vehicle quality and a commitment to consumers. Compared with fuel vehicles, the performance of pure electric vehicles is more easily affected by temperature. Overcoming barriers such as high altitude and coldness is a "required course" for pure electric vehicles before leaving the factory. Heihe River can often reach a low temperature of minus 35°C in winter, which is an excellent spot to conduct driving tests for winter vehicles. Heihe River is the spot for winter cars.

  Luo Jun, director of the Automotive Research Institute, said in his speech that he was particularly grateful to colleagues in various departments of the research institute for their hard work and ensured the smooth departure of the winter cars on schedule. In particular, the colleagues from the departments of trial production test and battery, motor, electronic control are still fighting in the front line of the trial production test workshop without heating in the cold weather. I am very grateful to all the partners who have worked hard!

  President Wang Xiangyin said in his speech that the winter car test is the guarantee for the birth of excellent products. Compared with other companies in the same industry, Baoya currently can provide relatively less back-end support, so we must continue to carry forward the fine tradition of hard work of Baoya staff and unite together to overcome difficulties during the winter car test. Although the work is important, as the traditional Chinese New Year is approaching, the front-line personnel who are experimenting outside should pay more attention to safety.

  In the hearts of the people who work in the auto industry, Heihe River is the testing ground for winter cars, and it is the place where all the testers are excited. After the extreme cold test, I believe that FB77 has taken a step forward in mass production! For Baoya, this test is of great significance!